Africa is still one of the cheapest countries in the world to visit. Paying in forex, makes the trip affordable. Everybody can do the things they like here in Africa! For example Africa has the world’s biggest golf courses! You can go on safari tour to see the big 5 in real life! If you like to drink some wine, then Africa is the place to be! Visit the wine route and meet the local people who have there own wine yard and taste the fabulous and famous wines of Africa. There are lots of things to do in Africa.

Here are some of the Top Things to do in Africa.

Extreme Adventure Activities

But what if you want some adrenaline, what if you want some dangerous? Then you must visit Africa!
Africa tends to attract its fair share of Adrenalin junkies.

1. Bungee jumping
This is very popular, particularly in Southern Africa. Jumping off the Victoria Falls Bridge is considered as enjoyable as watching the Falls themselves.

2. White Water Rafting
You can also go white-water rafting in some class 5 rapids while you’re in the area.

3. Desert Safaris
A fun way to enjoy the Sahara is to drive through it as fast as possible by joining the Dakar Rally. Trucks, motorbikes and cars enter this annual event which covers 5000 miles over a 2 week period.

5. Dive with a Great White Shark
But the most extreme experience in Africa (not counting a run in with a drunken border guard) would have to be diving with the Great White Shark.

I would personally consider all the above activities as fun, but sitting in a cage with a little under water camera, just waiting for a Great White to come at me — that, quite frankly, seems like no fun at all.