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When you think about beauty in Africa and the world at large, the Tchegera Island is exceptionally one of the natural wonders that you shouldn’t miss to visit while on your safari in Congo (DRC). The Tchegera Island is small and comes in horseshoe shape.

Compared to the rest of tourist attractions in African jungles like the rare mountain gorillas in the Virunga National Park or Lowland gorillas in Kahuzi National Park, this tiny natural paradise isn’t that sounding; but it is relatively isolated and offers the best site for visitors who wish to have peaceful and quiet atmosphere to relax and chill with their dears.

The Tchegera Island is situated around Lake Kivu just a short boat ride from Goma town or Bukavu. Goma that experienced volcanic eruption in 2002 is gradually re-establishing itself and continuously monitored by the UN forces and has heavy foreign aid presence. For visitors who wish to explore the mountainous terrains of the Virunga, count Tchegera Island a must to visit island while on your Congo safaris.

The Island features the most stunning views of the surrounding water and the farther Lakeshores and not to leave out the clear night views, with higher chances of catching a glimpse of the glowing Mount Nyiragongo as its Lava Lake bubbles out depending on the conditions. This natural wonder is a newly chilling getaway for you from Virunga National Park as it comes with tranquil views and its eco-eco friendly surrounding. The island is entirely spectacular that any sight around it comes with stunning and green surrounding.

A trip to this island is one of the amazing ways to cap off a tour to Virunga. Spending a night in this island allows you to relax, explore and kill boredom as you can engage in nature walk in the island, kayak or simply chill around. If you are looking for where to end your safari in Democratic Republic of Congo, look not further than the Tchegera Island.

This natural wander features a number of birdlife especially gulls, herons and cormorants as well as the migratory green sandpiper, a shorebird that thrives in Europe and Asia but also very seasonal especially during the winters in tropical Africa has been sighted around the Tchegera Island, the willow warbler the Eurasian species that in most cases thrives in Lake Kivu also makes its holiday around this site; you will also sight most butterflies and a few tree species.

Whereas this site may not be that better for biding, most African species can be sighted within the Island’s vegetation including the yellow throated greenbul with its rare shock of vivid neck plumage. You will also chance to sight the stunning African fish eagle, the wingspan of which can stretch up to eight (8) fit long while its call can be heard beyond the continent and it is rare in such a way that it has been described as “the voice of Africa.” Depending on what bird species you wish to share Tchegera Island with, you will get up with the most thrilling bird songs in this isolated island which offers such breathtaking moment for you to begin your day in DR Congo.

For accommodation, the island itself has safari tents that have been set up and they offer shade from midday sun heat and privacy when it is time for sleeping. Regardless of its size, there are some wildlife species for you to sight as already listed.

In conclusion, besides offering lodging and accommodation for visitors on safari to Virunga National Park, visiting the Tchegera Island itself is worth exploring especially for those who wish to have relaxation and chilling environment away from the noisy towns.

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