How To Book A Gorilla Permit In Congo


Congo is one of the few African countries that have these primates. However, Congo is blessed to have both lowland and mountain gorillas. So for one to be able to visit any of these two kinds of gorillas, must have a gorilla permit booked and paid in advance. Each gorilla permit in Congo costs $400 USD slightly cheaper compared to other countries like Uganda and Rwanda where a permit costs $600 and $1500 USD respectively.

Booking these gorilla permits is not an easy task as one has to go through various steps in order to get these permits;

Let’s start with the Eastern lowland gorilla Permits:

Lowland gorillas are found in the Eastern part of Congo specifically in Kahuzi Biega national park which is found in Bukavu province.

Kahuzi Biega Gorilla Trekking

Eastern lowland gorillas do not need advance booking since the payment is done in the morning of the trekking day at the starting point of the trek which is again the park headquarters. Eastern lowland gorilla permit costs $400 USD.

On the contrary, mountain gorillas in Congo are found and trekked from Virunga national park. Just like the lowland permit, the mountain gorilla permit also costs $400 USD. To obtain a mountain gorilla permit, one has to book and pay for it in advance through Virunga National park. This money can be transferred directly to their account after contacting them to check whether they have availability on your preferred date and also give you their banking details.

It is this Virunga Park that can also assist you in procuring you a Cong visa. So this permit is normally handed to you on the day of your trek.

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