Is Gorilla Trekking on Your Bucket List: 5 Reasons Why It Should Be


Gorilla trekking is one of Africa’s most stunning wildlife encounters that open the detailed beauty of the finest well conserved jungle forests in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. Besides it’s also a global model for sustainable tourism and wildlife conservation hence the only tourist attraction that never fade for life. The magical journey to the gorillas does not only take you back to the life of ancient Africans and golden monkey scenes but it also unveils a wide number of forest habitats plus a rare hilly landscape. The cool breezes of the rain forest refreshes your souls all through giving you a thousand reasons to love nature. Though gorilla trekking is a price adventure, it’s still high on many bucket lists.

World Class Tour Adventure

Uganda, Rwanda and Congo rain forests are vital ecosystems that support gorilla tourism a world class wildlife adventure that attract thousands across the world year round. Standing in close distance with the endangered habituated gorillas and spend a full hour of photography and observation is not just amazing but something terrific and unusual that will change not only your life but general mind set about nature and wildlife conservation. There are no better words used to experience gorilla trekking in Africa but once you track gorillas in Uganda or Rwanda you will have the right answers.

Dream Trip of life

Once you enter the rain forest jungle to search for the beautiful gorillas and trek through the thick hilly green vegetation and landscape being amazed by various forest habitats and your trek with a glance at the beautiful forest creatures that live a life of humans in character, you will agree that gorilla trekking in Africa is a dream trip in life that everyone should give a try on visits to Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. Looking into the eyes of the silverback and watching its protective father role is another exciting moments not to be missed in life. Suddenly the playful movements of baby gorillas and other gorillas   put a wonderful smile on your face something you will never forget in life.

Top Tourist Attraction in Africa

Since gorilla trekking is one of the top tourist attractions in the world only experienced in three African countries-Uganda, Rwanda and Congo ,its one adventure that is worth every time and money. Though research confirmed that there are only 800 mountain gorillas still living in the world and Uganda has the biggest population a glance at a habituated gorilla family is enough just like seeing all the 800 at go. A big thanks goes to all the gorilla doctors and conservationist, park rangers and government that ensure that such a nature treasure lives and will still benefit the future generation. These rare primates are plenty to keep you intrigued and engaged but imagine the excitement that takes over the floor for life while on a safari in Uganda’s tropical rain forests.

 Gorilla Permit Future prospects

No one knows what tomorrow may bring and the future gorilla tourism trend. But many travelers feel satisfied to track gorillas when gorilla permit prices are still affordable in trekking destinations since the experience is same no matter where you do the trek. Recently Rwanda increased their gorilla permit from $750- $1500 per trek while Uganda from $500-$600 per trek year round a price that is subjected to change in future. However making your life travel dream of seeing gorillas in their jungle forest home now a reality is better than planning it in the future.

Rewarding Holiday Experience

Looking at wonderful holiday experiences in  the world that make you relax, unwind and change your entire life -gorilla trekking is one of the most famous across the globe  no wonder its high on many travel buck lists for many travelers   to Africa. You may have seen several primate species in world but seeing gorillas in the wild is another extraordinary tour experience in Africa done in only Uganda-Bwindi Impenetrable National Park & Mgahinga National Park, Rwanda-Volcanoes National Park, and Congo-Virunga National Park, Kahuzi Biega National park.

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