Gorilla Trekking – A Hike of Lifetime in Rwanda


Nothing clears your mind like a hike in the Volcanoes jungle forest on a dream mission. From sunshine through the bamboo trees to wildlife and photography, it really an outstanding beautiful escape in Africa something you can’t imagine. As you enter the forest, there are thin trails paved by the park rangers as they allocate the Mountain Gorillas nest of the previous night and that takes you through the thick bamboo trees a process which enable you encounter other primates and birds and insects of the forest .

Where the paths get muddy especially when it showers, rock stones are found along the way so you can keep your boots mud-free & sometimes the path is covered with green vegetation entangled with the trees, but the guide rangers use their sticks and other objects to make a way for all other tourists they are moving with making it more fan to marvel through the jungle. I found this action too helpful and great that at the end of the day the rangers add a lot of value on your life time hike in search of the mountain Gorillas.

Although we set out in the early morning in order to catch up with the briefing from Kigali, the morning light was stunning and just great for the gorilla trek. Am not a fun of hiking for long but trust me this time round I just felt like it’s something I would love doing every day if given the opportunity though the gorilla tracking trip is quite expensive and inaffordable by many. However, if you plan early enough, you can make it to the jungle for this awesome experience.

While hiking through the paved path, I saw lovely natural plants, insects, birds; primates who made me love natural green vegetation even more. My wish was granted when saw the Silver back giant Gorillas. It took me over 2 minutes to believe it was the giant we were searching for in the Jungle. I had a helper holding my belongings so I took photos freely and enjoy watching the Gorillas, play and move around in the wild.’Oh I wish I could stop the world clock from moving so that I could spend more time viewing them” .However I had to track the Gorillas for the second time to Quench my thirty. Not all wildlife has to be striking to be charming but truly the gorillas are charming beautiful creatures. Looking at the eyes of the Silver back gorilla is something I will never forget in life. Do you feel like going on an Africa vacation? Experience nature and leave your everyday stresses behind with a hike of a lifetime in Rwanda. You don’t need to be experienced or a backpacker but all it takes is determination and love for nature. At long last I got a beautiful shot of the mountains gorillas.

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