Sky diving in South Africa

Sky Diving in South Africa

Africa is also a nice place to go sky diving. To do a tandem sky dive in Cape Town is one of the must do things while on holiday or just visiting.
Operates 7 days a week weather permitting. On arrival at the drop zone you will get a 15 minute briefing from your instructor and after being fitted with a harness you will take off in the plane for an adventure of a life time.

The plane ride to altitude 9000ft above the ground is breath taking. You will be able to see Table Mountain, Robben Island and the coast line the way the birds see it.

Just before exit you get hooked up to your tandem instructor and free fall to 4000ft above the ground. After the parachute opens you will glide softly to the ground and land on the soft sand of the drop zone.

Life after that will not be the same again. You will feel exhilarated and alive for days to come.

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