Guide to Hiking Mount Nyiragongo

Nyiragongo Volcanoes

If you have ever thought about breathtaking adventures, then Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) should be a must to visit in your next vacation in Africa. DR Congo is the most famous safari destination on earth due to its vast and powerful Lava Lake in the world. This amazing Crater Lake lies within the Virunga National Park which also refuges about 200 individuals of mountain gorillas and a number of remarkable hiking trails which reward hikers with dramatic experiences while at the summit of Mount Nyiragongo which features as the world’s most powerful volcano. There are hiking holidays offered by tour operators to the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo and can be arranged based on your budget, interest, time and level of hardness.

Different local safari agencies offer various choices that cover all types of visitors whether you are interested in breathtaking adventures or simply to relax and chill around. Each tour agent in African categorizes holiday packages based on different levels especially how simple, moderate, hard, breathtaking and many more and none of them can define the level of hardness well. However, we have tried to give some highlights for intending visitors on safari to Mount Nyiragongo which is located in Eastern side of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Best time to go for hiking adventures at Mount Nyiragongo

The best time for trekking adventures at this remarkable site is basically the dry seasons which start from March to June and September to November. At this period, the temperatures are bearable and the skies are also open, though the skies tend to be foggier and the rains start from May to June. It is also possible for one to hike during this season and intending trekkers should expect rains at anytime of day and extreme cold and closed passes during the winter period.

At the monsoon period, the hikes usually come with fewer hikers. Most rains are experienced at night, during day time; it can be cloudy with less rain. The skies also remain cloudy and it can fall occasionally and in the morning hours, the skies can be clearer.

Experience and fitness

DRC features a number of treks that suit within the visitors’ experiences and physical fitness. In case you interested in walking tours, you can take a walk uphill for a few hours every day and probably Mount Nyiragongo is the best option for you. A hike through this mountain is easier with a guide and or porter.

Packing list for trekking experiences in Virunga National Park

When it comes to safaris to Virunga National Park, you will need to make sure that you have packed appropriately while minding the reason why you traveled to that destination.  However, you will need to have a daypack which is waterproof, sleeping gear, few changing clothes, scarf, gardening gloves, thermals, waterproof hiking boots, hiking pants, rain jackets, enough drinking water, headlamp, binoculars, cameras, medicine as subscribed by the doctor, snacks, insect repellent, wind proof and many more. You may also need toilet paper, soap, chocolate bars, as well as basic hiking supplies can be bought on the way but the cost can be a bit higher. You can also stock some of the local products like coconut biscuits, bon bon biscuits, and fruits.

The safaris which do not incorporate hiking or walking adventures and can be conducted all the way through flights are categorized in this grade. No need prior experience and physical fitness is needed for this safari. Most of the tours are conducted separately based on people’s abilities. There are also luxury safaris that you can be par taken by travelers and you will equally be rewarded with lifetime experiences.

In conclusion, Mount Nyiragongo is one of the most remarkable mountains in the world. It offers the most breathtaking adventures as well as numerous wildlife species for hikers and climbers catch a glimpse while on safari in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The level of hardness for Mount Nyiragongo differs from one person to another.

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