First Timer’s Guide to Renting a Car in Uganda

Road Tripping Uganda

Are you planning for your next safari holiday in Uganda? Is it your first time to travel to Uganda? Planning a trip is the hardest thing in life. Most first travelers usually encounter challenges while in their holidays in Uganda especially when it comes to choosing the best car that can help them to navigate to different corners of the country. With exceptional car rental in Uganda, there is no need to puzzle the mind. When it comes to safari experiences in Africa, Uganda always features on top list due to its rare and diverse wildlife species that may not easily be seen in any part of the world. Catching a glimpse of these tremendous attractions requires you to hire car to help you navigate in the remotest tourist destinations of this remarkable nation.

While planning wildlife safari in African including Uganda, expect visiting its remotest national parks that offer the authentic experiences of life time.  Local drivers and tour guides as well as the frequent tourists have higher chances to arrive at the park or town on road unlike the first time travelers, not only will they risk getting lost, they also get robbed since most of  them lack clue on how to arrive at their desired destination. With this, we would like to save our first time visitors especially from asking numerous questions such as; which road should I take? What kind of vehicle must I use? Can I hire a driver guide/tour guide? Are there different parking and entry fees for every national park? There are countless questions but check out some of our pocket friendly car hire services in Uganda as listed below:

Rent a car

Public transport modes can be a cheaper choice but may not be reliable and they may not have privacy that you may need and above all you will have discomfortable trip ever in life. The taxi or bus can be overcrowded and over loaded that is why we advise you to take up our car rental services that will offer you the most comfortable and unregrettable travel experiences in life. Booking a private car for yourself from our car hire company assures you with privacy and the most flexible road safari and there is no need to be worried when it comes to stop over. You can also decide whether to travel with our driver guides or personally hit the road on self drive in one of our most comfortable cars. Our fleets of cars for hire include the Toyota Rav4 for self drive, Land Cruiser Prado, Safari Land Cruiser, Safari Minivan, Coaster bus, Super Custom Van, Nissan Patrol.

Hire a driver guide

There is no one who is well versed with the destination other than a local driver or tour guide. They have all the experience to navigate in all kinds of Uganda’s roads and this guarantees you with safety, security and convenience. They have traveled to these areas before and they are prepared and willing to provide you with amazing experiences that others have always appreciated especially in explaining the attractions, wildlife and local encounters. You will certainly sit back, relax and allow your driver lead to the most remarkable sites in Uganda that will reward you with unforgettable experiences. Most importantly, you can hire a car and driver from our car rental in Uganda, the best is for you send the inquiry and you will be informed of any available opportunities.

Airport transfers

It can be tiring after a long journey and once you land in Entebbe International Airport, the only thing that may need is to be transferred up to the lodge or hotel. If you are first time travelers or frequent visitor, you need to save yourself from that stress of arranging for transportation after landing. Check out our online car hire services and you will find a fleet of cars that available for hire and you will take the best choice for your trip. You can reserve a transfer from airport to your preferred hotel and back with our authorized and reliable car hire company. Our experienced driver will be waiting for you on arrival to help you with luggage and thereafter direct you to your ride.

Get a GPS and travel map

The Global Positioning System is one of the most important travel gears for both old and first time travelers to any tourist destination. It will direct you to any part of the protected area or destination by mapping out the route and also indicating the distance as well as time of arrival. Hiring a GPS means you have a virtual guide/map along with you, it can also indicate road side areas of interest especially restaurants, bars, hospitals, famous attractions and nearby gas stations.

Therefore, in case you are a first time traveler in Uganda and still imaging how get around, you can check out the above services through online and you will be assured of safety and unforgettable road safari in Uganda.

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