What To Know Before Renting A Car In Uganda


Renting a car for a Road trip in Uganda is a must, however on a self-drive Road trip it’s complicated and better to comprehend terms and conditions fixed up by a car hire company about condition you find a car and returning it, this reliefs to evade unforeseen costs compensating for the missing outs.

After you made a choice of that car model you want to go for Road trip with, then remember that the fresher the model, the more cost in circumstances of extra cost for compensation, but in an case make it a four wheel drive that you may adore your Road trip in an African wildness.

When you return car in good condition then you’re eligible for a great and memorable experience of your adventure Self drive Road trip, rather than being biased by your own trip where you have to fix everything went wrong. However some incidences are inevitable once they are to happen so it’s better to know what to do when something happened, and everything is drafted in the agreement to be signed by hirer and car Hire Company.

Every hirer must watch the following where signing on the agreement.

Eligibility of the Hirer

For those interested in self-drive adventures, a hirer must have a valid international driving license. While behind the wheels, this license must be at hand because the traffic police can stop you on the road anytime and can impound your car or even arrest you if you don’t have it.

Uganda’s popular Self drive Car hire

Vehicle description and terms of hire

Now it’s the hire company responsibility to prove the real standard of the vehicle but avoiding uncertainties make it your responsibility to have the real vehicle prescribed during booking. Also period of how long will the hirer spend with the vehicle, communicate to hire company if you notice to go an extra day beyond your agreed period.

Use of the hired vehicle

The agreement makes it clear what hirer must not do with the vehicle. Unless Hire Company is informed but the vehicle is not for carrying passengers, you are not eligible to hire the vehicle to any other person and should not go out of your authority. Following and observing road instructions when to overtake, speed limit should not go beyond 100 km/h, driving hand because it varies. Should not substitute of spare parts or accessories without approval of the company, while on your self drive keep the hire company engaged in any occasion.

Accidents and Mechanical repairs

In case a vehicle involves in an accident, breaks down, damaged and requires repair regardless the cause, inform the hire company the full circumstance immediately. When the car engage in an accident, first let police inspect incidence and make statement which the insurance company depend to compensate, with the police letter the hirer is responsible to meet the compensation expenses. In case of any breakdown or damage never arrange to repair without the authority of the hire company. If it’s a mechanical breakdown, within a time frame of 24 hours hire company can provide replacement and the company is responsible for fuel to drop the replacement but you provide fuel for returning back the breakdown.

When the hirer should not be covered for damage

In some incidences the hirer will be responsible for the damage made on a vehicle, for instance circumstance faced with penalized issues such as reckless driving, driving under the influence of drugs, incidences of single vehicle accidents and rollover which sometimes is caused by excessive speeding, you are advised to drive at a speed of 50km/h in town and 80 km/h on highway. This damage to some hire companies calls for a fine of USD $100. Hirer are advised to fuel the vehicle from restricted petrol stations to avoid fake fuel which can damage the vehicle engine and should not drive off-track especially in national park which penalized and  pays $150 USD to Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) and drive at a speed limit of 45km/h while in a park.

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Cross boarder insurance

Some of the car rental Uganda companies their vehicles are insured within boarders, in case of any journey across boarders inform hire company before crossing and at boarder the hirer must buy motor insurance for instance COMESA during the rental period.

Driving time

The vehicle starts operating at 6:30am and stops at 7:00pm, the hirer is responsible for what happens beyond that time limit unless it’s an airport pick up or drop.

Adventure Safari vehicles for Self drive in Uganda

Vehicle return

You’re eligible to turn the vehicle to the place of business of the hire company, the hire should notice the current situation and in case of any miss handling of the agreement of hire between parties then actions are taken.

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