10 Picturesque Places to Visit in Africa

Zanzibar Island

If looking for the most picturesque tourist sites to explore then look no further than Africa. Not only does this magical continent boast of its precious wildlife but also for its most spectacular places. Its landscape provides wide range of incredible undiscovered natural wonders, precious wildlife and breathtaking views of what this continent holds for the world. Below are some of the magical places for you to get the best of Africa’s breathtaking views.

Zanzibar Archipelago

If there are a few paradises on earth then the Zanzibar archipelago is one. This archipelago is a piece of heaven on earth straddling just at the coast of Tanzania along the scenic Indian Ocean. It is a few greatest cultural crossroads in the world and also provides the most beautiful beaches. While here, you have a chance to take part in Kite surfing, snorkeling and diving among others. About 4 magical islands are confined within this archipelago-the Mafia, Latham Island, Pemba and Uguja. A visit to this archipelago gets you the best of off the beaten views and distinct African experiences.

Nyiragongo Volcanoes

Nyiragongo Volcano

Nyiragongo is one of the active volcanoes in Africa. A climb to the top of this Virunga Volcanoes gives you a unique experience of observing the boiling magma and its volatile lava. A hike takes two days with an overnight at the cabins that have been developed at the summit. Therefore while on a safari in Eastern Congo, do not miss including Nyiragongo Volcano trekking within your tour itinerary.

Victoria Waterfalls

Victoria Falls

A safari in Africa isn’t only viewing wildlife but also for you to get the best of magnificent views over its scenic waterfalls. While on safari in Africa, do not miss to pay a visit to Victoria Falls which is found on Zambezi River in Zambia. This is a must to visit destination in Africa and ideal for visitors on African safari to Zambia and Zimbabwe. This waterfall has a width of 1700 meters and 108 meters popular as the powerful curtain falling on earth. This natural wonder derived its name from the Queen Victoria of United Kingdom.

The Morne Brabant in Mauritius

While on African safari in this area, you will have the best views over 550 meters elevation of Morne Brabant. This is one of the imposing mountains in southwestern Mauritius. It was designated as UNESCO site in 2008 and if you are interested in thrilling adventure experience then it is the best place to be. This mountain is also popular for its beautiful beaches.

The Sahara Dunes of Morocco

If you are good at hiking and you are in search for adventure experience then search no further than the Sahara Dunes of Morocco. This is one of Africa’s most magical landscapes. While here, you have a chance to climb through the Moroccan Sahara. The best area for you to explore the sands is in the Merzouga village.

The Seychelles archipelago

If you are searching for that one most outstanding place to have your honeymoon then look no further than the beautiful Seychelles islands. One of the most spectacular islands to pay a visit here is the praslin which features as one of the best and well-preserved islands with sand beaches, dotted with huge rocks and tropical trees.

The table mountain

For any plans to take a safari to South Africa, exploring the Table Mountain should be a must. This is South Africa’s major landmarks that are worth visiting and you will be rewarded with the most breathtaking views over its incredible plants that make up a total of about 2200. It forms part of the Cape Floral Region a UNESCO Site which also featured among the Seven Wonders of the World around 2011.

Okavango Delta

In Botswana, pay a visit to Okavango delta and discover what this particular part of Africa holds for the world. It features the scenic wildlife reserve with beautiful green vegetation as well as numerous mammal species. It is ideal for African safaris as it offers the best incredible encounters over its wildlife. The others include the white Dune Dakhla in Morocco, Bazaruto archipelago, Lake Malawi a mention but a few.

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