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I and my wife had wanted to visit Kenya for so long but we had not yet decided on when to go there since we were too busy however we decided to break for a fort night to visit Kenya. Our Kenya safari was planned one year before we traveled because we wanted a best safari ever thus, we had to save the money for our tour slowly but sure. We booked with one of the best tour agencies in East Africa called Eco Tours Kenya to run our safari tour because we had heard about it some time back from our friends who had just visited Kenya recently. Our friends ensured us that the agency offers best services and it has a friendly and professional staff.

We found our Kenya Safari very easy since we used a secure and reliable agency which eased our safari. The agency provided us with a vehicle (Land Cruiser) we used plus doing all the bookings in our safari thus on our arrival we needn’t have to move up and down for bookings. Therefore, when our dates of travel reached, we had to set our gadgets prepared and then departed to Kenya of which on our arrival we were picked up from the airport by the agency’s friendly guides.

They then took us to our booked hotel in Nairobi after giving us our vehicle hence we had to first have some Nairobi city tours where we visited Nairobi national museum and viewed a variety of Kenya’s historical remains kept there. We were also able to access Uhuru Park and Central Park which are adjacent to each other and from the Central Park we viewed both the Moi monument and Jomo Kenyatta’s memorial site.

After our short city tours, we then popped back to our hotel (Kahama hotel Nairobi) to have supper which was served to us from the hotel’s restaurant. The restaurant prepares both local and international dishes and still at the hotel, we discovered an established bar there where we went and had fun through taking champagne and other sorts of wines sold there. We then went to sleep and waited the following morning to start our sleep which took place in the following places;

Nairobi National Park:

In the morning, we woke up and had a coffee of tea from our hotel and then started our safari from the above Park which is located 7km from the centre of Nairobi city. The Park is a best place to view Kenya’s skyscrapers and from there we also viewed a variety of wildlife species. We were so pleased at seeing the East African Lions, Rhinos, Cape buffaloes, Zebras, Hippos and Giraffes.

The Park is home to a variety of wildlife species because we were delighted at seeing many animals from there of which Impalas, Cheetahs, Coke’s hartebeests, Water bucks and Elands also exist there plus a wide range of bird species including Vultures and Ostriches. We based in Dafam hotel while in the Park of which the hotel is situated in the bustling city of Nairobi and offers affordable and comfortable accommodation.

The hotel comprises of many rooms each consisting of good facilities such as a TV, free WIFI, barbecue, Parking on premises, airport shuttle, restaurant on premises plus laundry services.

Maasai Mara National Reserve:

From Nairobi National Park we drove straight to Maasai Mara of which wildlife safari there was again another story. We were still wondering of a variety of wildlife species in Nairobi national park but on landing in the ecosystem of Maasai Mara, we forgot about what we had seen already in our first explored national park. The huge concentration of wildlife species in Maasai Mara of course made us surprised a lot especially looking at almost two millions of Wildebeests migrating from the southern part of the Park accessing the Park through River Mara.

At Mara River we also viewed a great population of Crocodiles which is believed to be the highest number in all East African national parks and reserves. Still at Mara River, we also viewed a large number of hippos plus other migrants which migrate together with the Wildebeests. Over 200, 000 Zebras and half a million of Thomson’s gazelles also migrate together with the Wildebeests which gave us a spectacular view while in the Park due to the distinct colors possessed by different migrants. Elands and Topis also migrate to the Park.

In the Park we were also very delighted when we viewed all Africa’s big five wildlife species being resided in a single Park and all kept in a large quantity. Lions, elephants, buffaloes, rhinos and leopards are Africa’s big five and we were glad to see them in a very large number. Flying high in the balloon envelope during the balloon safari, we explored and enjoyed the aerial views of the entire Maasai Mara ecosystem though at first we were not brave enough to step in the balloon envelope made up of Nylon based fabrics but we later gained confidence and found the activity more interesting than any other activity in the Park. Through the balloon safari, we viewed some of the animals grazing and others were playing, well as some were drinking water at the shores of River Mara.

Our visit to the Reserve was really a memorable one because we view very many animals and in large numbers. Other we viewed from the Park included; the Coke’s hartebeests, Impalas, Cheetahs, Hyenas, Bat-eared foxes, huge roan antelopes, Masai giraffes plus a sight to over 470 bird species. We based from the Mara Porini camp where we originated from to go for the Park’s activities such as game viewing, game drives, nature walks, interaction with the local Maasai people, bird watching and from the camp, we had easy access to involve in the balloon safari experience because it is the best place to originate from if you are to involve in the balloon safari experience.

Tsavo East & West National Park:

After viewing a wide range and huge populations of wildlife species in Maasai Mara, we headed to its neighborhood Park ‘’Tsavo’’ where we found a very huge number of lions. The Park keeps almost 700 lions which is the highest number of lions in Kenya thus it protects the large number of lions in Kenya. All members of Africa’s big five (Elephants, Buffaloes, Lions, Rhinos and Leopards) are still resided in this Park thus enjoying them again and ending up equipping a great experience from our tour. Other species here were; aardwolf, baboons, mongooses, Masai giraffes, Cheetahs, Water bucks, Impalas, Vervet monkeys, Sykes monkeys, Elands, Jackals and many more plus a sight to over 500 bird species.

Amboseli National Park:

It is also close to Tsavo & Maasai Mara and also consists of a variety of wildlife species though the most dominant here are the elephants which are resided here in high amounts. The Park protects the most numbers of elephants in Africa its position offers brilliant views of Mountain Kilimanjaro which is situated in Tanzania. In the Park we lived in one of its best accommodations called Amboseli Serena Safari lodge which is situated in the shadow of Mountain Kilimanjaro thus having clear views of the World’s highest Mountain in stands and still from the lodge is a good vantage point to view elephants plus the wetlands in the Park.

The Park is made up of various species of wildlife species namely; Elephants, Lions, Cape buffaloes, Cheetahs, Wildebeests, gazelles, Masai giraffes and baboons among others. A sight to over 400 bird species also made our tour so marvelous. The above places are really definitely the best for Kenya safaris according to what we saw and what we have read about as far as Kenya’s and Africa’s safaris are concerned. Booking with the ECO TOURS KENYA again made our Kenya safari more interesting and memorable because unlike other tourists who complain about the tour agencies they tend to use for their bookings, we had nothing to complain about when we used the above agency because everything was just fabulous plus the vehicle which did not disturb us at any point since the company’s vehicles are highly serviced.

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