Uganda Safaris to Undiscovered Places 2018-19


Uganda safaris are best enjoyed with Nature Adventure Africa Safaris Limited, Uganda has got a number of a “Must see” places including those ones that must not be missed in 2018/19. Making tours in Uganda is one of the best opportunities to have an integrated tour within the pearl of Africa. Nature Adventure Africa Safaris Limited offers all Uganda tour packages basing on your desires and among the places that may attract your attention to Uganda includes the,

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, this is the main reason why most tourists from the different destinations flock to Uganda to enjoy the rare mountain gorillas which are only found here within the region plus the Mgahinga Gorilla National park, these are adapted to the region’s cold temperatures within the higher altitudes in the mountains. These are among the primates that must not be missed to trek while in Uganda since they live in groups and each group is headed by a male silver back that exercises its powers within the group including making decisions for the entire group.

Chimpanzee visiting and tracking, this is mostly done in Kibale Forest National Park and this is the recommended park to view and track chimpanzees due to the abundance. Trekker’s starts from the Kanyanchu Visitor Centre within the park and start a hike that takes around three hours of trekking to those who trek and all visitors on a trekking program are allowed 1hour of observation. And those who pay for habituation experience and these take a full day enjoying these amazing primates as they play around the tree branches including bullying one another.

Wildlife safaris in Queen Elizabeth National Parks and Murchison Falls, these two national parks offer the true nature of wildlife of Uganda, they form part of the most visited national parks in Uganda due to the diversity of the areas they occupy. These are savannah covered regions and they are infiltrated by different wildlife in the different forests and lakes plus rivers crossing the parks.

Queen Elizabeth national park is found in the western Uganda in the districts of Kasese and Bushenyi and the park has got over 200km game tracks that visitors can explore. Visitors here may explore the tree climbing lions in the Ishasha sector of the park as well as seeing herds of elephants, Uganda kobs, warthogs, duikers, leopards, buffaloes and other mammals including hippos and crocodile around the Kazinga channel.

From here one may tour the Uganda’s old national park Murchison falls national park in the north western parts of the country, taking a launch cruise on the Nile is one of the best opportunity to exploit since it offers a number of chances to see a great number of wildlife as they converge around the Nile for water. This may lead to the Murchison falls raised above 50fts above the level forming a strongest waterfall that vibrates within the park, a hike around the park also adds on the value of the safaris since you encounter many different interesting animals and features.

Taking up a golden monkey tracking trip, this is a fantastic nice to see group of primates the enjoy their wild and they are spread all over the bushes of the Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. This is the only place in Uganda where these endangered primates are trekked, a guided trek is taken throughout the forests within the foothills of the park mountains including Mount Gahinga, Mount Muhavura and Mount Sabyinyo both being seen around the park. These are always seen hanging around the bamboo trees hence making them to be another fascinating primate in the wild.

Visit Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

This is another place that is left undiscovered by most tourist who make their safaris to Uganda but it’s the most interesting place to visit since it is a home of the rare endangered Rhinos, this is the only rhino sanctuary in Uganda where the rhinos are protected and this is located in the north of Kampala and this protects around 15 individuals. As visitors are tracking rhinos, one cannot leave the sanctuary minus seeing the different species of birds and taking a nature walk around the area. Rangers around the sanctuary are always eager to guide you throughout the activity; you can enjoy different facilities and infrastructure, such as a tourist lodge, camping area, and budget guesthouses to accommodate all types of tourists.

Visit the Ndere Centre

This is another nice to visit attraction and it’s a country’s traditional dance and music visiting centre and visitors can enjoy dinners and the theatre performance hence exhibiting the Uganda’s cultural diversity. These makes up performances of the different tribes that Uganda contains and the show takes place in a 700-seat amphitheatre on Sundays at 6pm, Wednesday at 7pm and Fridays from 7pm. The centre has got a team of determined Ugandans who always make up research respectfully and presents parts of all the cultures that make up the Ugandan people constantly updating the performances, this if found within Kampala and therefore it is easily accessible.

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