Orange River Rafting

Orange River Rafting

Get the right stamp for the River rafting on the Orange River

Two weeks ago I went with a friend of me to Namibia.
We went river rafting on the Orange River. It was the best time I ever had!

But here are some interesting facts when you are planning to do a river rafting trip on the Orange River:

  • The Orange River belongs to South-Africa and Namibia so when you are rafting on this river you need stamps from both countries.
  • Before you go on the trip, make sure you have all the right information from the travel agency about how to get the right stamps for the rafting trip.
  • When you arrive at the border of South-Africa and Namibia, drive over the bridge and then it is a few kilometers drive to the correct border post of Namibia were you need to collect the next stamp.
  • When you have your stamp from Namibia, you can turn around and drive back to the South-African border because the camp is in South-Africa. The trips start from the South-African site and ends at the Namibian site.

This is very important to remember! Because at the end of the trip they collect the group at the Namibian site and you will again past the Namibian border and have to show your stamps if you don’t have the correct stamps you can go to jail.

But all of this doesn’t matter when you are on the beautiful Orange River.

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