Bespoke Uganda Road Trip Holiday


Visit Uganda on road trip holidays using a 4×4 car hire Uganda for your trip to be an affordable and incredible one because it provides the best vehicles ever, ready and waiting for your road trip holiday anywhere in Uganda and East Africa plus in some parts of Central Africa especially in Congo. A 4×4 car hire Uganda offers vehicles such as Prado, coaster bus, super custom, safari van, Premio, Rav4 and Toyota Land cruiser. Road trips in Uganda are best enjoyful in various places including the following:

Kampala city tours; Road trip holidays can take place in Kampala plus its nearby towns and cities like Entebbe, Wakiso, Nansana, Bweyogerere, Banda, Kireka,Makindye, Namasuba, Katwe, Najjanankumbi and many others. There are many adventurous things in Kampala and in its nearby cities and towns which can give a brilliant view to any road tripper. Lake Victoria is one of the best destinations you should take your road trip holiday from. The Lake is best seen in Entebbe and there are many landing sites on Lake Victoria which are found in Entebbe and these include Kasenyi landing site and from Kasenyi landing site you will be able to see the nearby Islands which are situated on Lake Victoria and these include Kalangala Island, Ssese Island, Kimi Island, Buyange Island and many others. Due to the presence of Lake Victoria, there are many beaches where you can go for fun and some of them include Lido beach, Aero beach, Lutembe beach, Water front beach and many others. You can also enjoy the beautiful tarmac roads plus the big road sided buildings which offer you a brilliant view while in Kampala like Freedom city club which is situated along Entebbe road and the club is ideal for revelers and clubbers.

Book with a 4×4 car hire Uganda for a road trip to Murchison Falls national park. The Park is among the top destinations where you can take your road trip from because of its attractive society and nature. The Park has got the attractive dramatic Murchison Falls which offer a brilliant view to its visitors and from there you will be able to view its regular visitors which involve the elephants, buffaloes and giraffes plus the permanent residents which include hippos, Nile crocodiles and the aquatic birds.

Road trips in Jinja city is also beneficial to you because Jinja has many places which can help your minds to relax and refresh as well as you enjoy. For example on River Nile, which passes through Jinja, consists of the Owen falls dam where white water rafting takes place and it is seen as one of the best adventurous activities on River Nile. Boat cruises on River Nile is one other activity which you should go and experience how enjoyable it is especially when you are on a love honey moon. Still in Jinja you will also be able to see Lake Victoria plus the many landing sites on Lake Victoria which are found in Jinja and these include Masese landing site where you will be able to notice the types of fish species caught from Lake Victoria and these include Nile Perch, Tilapia, Silver fish and many others. You will get a chance to roast a big fresh Nile Perch which is caught from Lake Victoria and testify how sweet it is. You will also be able to know the historical back ground of Masese landing site and its future prospects if at all you need to know it, there are guides who will help you through this. At Masese landing site you will view many nearby Islands which are situated on Lake Victoria and these include Buvuma Island, Namooni Island and many others thus equipping a great experience.

From Jinja city, you can also continue with your road trip safari to Mbale city which is few kilometers from Jinja. In Mbale is where you will come across the national park with the biggest volcanic base in the whole world and it is known as Mountain elgon national park. On the sides of Mountain elgon you will enjoy the cultures of local Bagisu who grow Arabica coffee on the sides of Mountain elgon. On the Mountain sides you will be able to see small antelopes, forest monkeys, buffaloes, elephants and many others plus the fact that the Park protects over 300 bird species thus favoring the birding activity while in the Park. However, the main activity is mountain hiking/climbing due to the fact that the Park is mountainous. You will be able to see the highest peak of Mountain elgon (Wagagai) which is also attractive to many visitors of Mountain elgon national park thus the Park being photogenic especially to those who like photographing. The Sipi falls in the Park are other features which attract many tourists to visit the Park because the Sipi falls favor spot fishing when you are in the Park and by chance you may land on a big catch of a Nile Perch of over 50kgs. The Sipi falls are also photogenic thus you are emphasized to move with good HD cameras if you are to visit Mountain elgon national park on your road trip safari.

There are very many other places suitable for road trip safaris therefore you are emphasized to use a 4×4 car hire Uganda to book with it for your road trip tour. Just mention what you would like to see while in Uganda, the company’s tour consultant will tell you the best place for what you will wish to see when you are on a road trip in Uganda and you will even get free bookings from that particular place thus you will only remain with going for your tour when everything is just set. However, advance booking is always essential for the better planning of your trip and the fact that the company deals with many clients therefore you need to book earlier before your trip to avoid inconveniences in your tour. This is so much emphasized because you may delay to book and you wait for that day such that you book but unfortunately you may find when all the vehicles are booked by other clients. Book with a 4×4 car hire Uganda earlier for better services and at an affordable price thus grabbing a great experience in Uganda.

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